Sunday, 25 February, 2024

Only unity will lead party to success: Deuba

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Lamahi, Sept 14: Nepali Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba has said on Saturday that only unity would lead the party to a success.
While unveiling an idol of BP Koirala installed at the Tulsipur-based BP Chowk in Dang, the former Prime Minister said that a success was achievable only if we worked unitedly.
He called upon the entire party cadres to come together to further strengthen the party and make its presence more vibrant.
"An audit of who did what in the past may be carried out in the future," he said, expressing his confidence those responsible for betraying the party during the election would face action.
He urged workers to start cultivating the culture of unity right from Dang. "A by-election of State Assembly is taking place here and this is a challenge for the party and it is never expected for the recurrence of such betrayal."