Sunday, 21 July, 2024

No reason for voting against government: PM Oli


By Sampada A. Khatiwada
Kathmandu, May 11: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had called all members of the House of Representatives to vote for his confidence motion by evaluating all the achievements of the government that took place during his tenure.
Addressing the special session of the HoR held on Monday to vote on the confidence motion presented by Prime Minister Oli, he said, "I request all political parties to give the vote of confidence to me."
Stating that he was backed by the parliament for the last three years, Prime Minister Oli said, "Nation has been able to make many accomplishments in three years. How will the HoR members vote against the confidence motion?"
He added that he did not have any complaints against anyone. "The parliament believed in me even after the HoR was reinstated by the Supreme Court. I got strong support from everyone even after our party was divided," he said.
"The government has been moving forward by overcoming all difficulties faced by the nation, ensuring good governance and peace," said the Prime Minister, adding that there was no reason in casting vote against him.
He clarified that the current government was working round-the-clock to protect the citizens from COVID-19. Stating that protecting people's lives was the government's utmost priority, he requested everyone to join hands in the government's campaign to promote public health.
"Concerns over who will be ruling the country is a different thing, but for now, we all must be focusing on controlling the spread of the virus and shielding our citizens from the infection," he said.
The Prime Minister said that a detailed investigation would be done over
those who are involved in corruption in procurement of various equipment and medicines required for the treatment of COVID-19 patients during this situation of crisis and the guilty punished.
He said that various attempts were being made to smear the government by disapproving the steps it had taken to curb COVID-19, making baseless allegations of corruption.
"Even though the nation is facing a shortage of vaccines currently, the fact that Nepal was the second SAARC nation to kick off the vaccination campaign after India should not be overlooked," said Prime Minister Oli. "Even though we couldn’t produce the vaccine, we are among the first nations to inoculate the citizens."
He also highlighted that the government had been able to make arrangements for RT-PCR tests, ICU beds, and ventilator facilities for the COVID-19 patients. "If anyone commits corruption in this situation of crisis, s/he will not be spared at any cost," he said.
Prime Minister Oli said that the government was striving to generate employment opportunities within the nation and promote developmental activities in all sectors to achieve the government's desire to make 'Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepali'. "We have designed various employment and women empowerment programmes for it. The nation is also campaigning to make the nation free of street children," he said.
He also highlighted that the government had done various farsighted developmental works such as introducing health insurance programmes, social security allowances for differently-abled people, and other allowances as such.
"Reconstruction works post-2015 earthquake have also sped up as Dharahara, Durbar High School, Basantapur Durbar, Singhadurbar and various infrastructures holding archaeological importance have already been reconstructed," he said. He also added that the long-overdue Melamchi Drinking Water Project became a success during his tenure.
He said that many developmental works were underway as six kilometres of road was being blacktopped daily, and 12 new cities were under construction."
Moreover, he added that the Constitution was not an unchangeable document. "The Constitution can be amended on the basis of its relevance and the need of the society," he said.
"The concept that violence is the only way to fulfill political objective has already ended. The government's biggest and historic achievement is bringing those who had chosen violence to meet their political motive into peaceful politics," he said.

Vote of confidence for stability
Similarly, addressing the concerns raised by the leaders of the opposition parties during the HoR session, Prime Minister Oli said that it was imperative for him to receive the House's confidence to ensure stability and good governance in the nation.
Alleging that various baseless and provocative comments were made against him by the opposition leaders, the Prime Minister said, "These baseless allegations are nothing but an attempt to create unnecessary pressure in the nation whilst the nation is already in crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic."
Adding that the national politics was based on truth and facts and not on conspiracies, provocation, and baseless allegations, he requested everyone to not misinform regarding the government. "Thus, I request everyone to make necessary improvements in the nation, fill the gaps of the Constitution and give up dirty politics. We should be focusing on developing the nation by erasing differences," said the Prime Minister. "The government is working on ending discrimination and inequality, I expect cooperation from everyone in this drive."
Adding that the government's campaign of prosperity was not an issue to be made fun of, Prime Minister Oli said that 'Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali' was a public campaign and it was everyone's duty to make it successful.
Answering to a concern raised by the opposition leader regarding the threat posed by the Prime Minister to the Constitution, Oli said, "Amending the Constitution on the basis of the need of the present situation is not posing threat. We can amend the nation's supreme law by ensuring that its sentiments are not killed."
Stating that he might not receive the vote of confidence from the Parliament, he said, "Sometimes the nation’s need and parliamentary mathematics do not match. Thus, even if I do not obtain the Parliament's confidence, a way for other alternatives will be paved," he said.
Adding that the leaders who spoke at the HoR on Monday had opined that the government should fulfill its tenure, Prime Minister said, "If the full tenure of the government is to be completed, I request all members to give the vote of confidence to me and prevent instability."
He also said that alleging the government of delaying in procuring vaccines was inappropriate. "We received one million doses of vaccines from India and 800,000 from China under grant assistance.