Saturday, 22 June, 2024

No border dispute with China: Gyawali


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, June 30: Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali Monday clarified to the lawmakers in the National Assembly that there was no border dispute between Nepal and China. Demanding time to speak on the contemporary issues of the country in the Upper House, Minister Gyawali said that no border dispute existed with China as reported by some media.
Lask week, a couple of media had reported that Nepali territories in northern parts were encroached by China.
Foreign Minister Gyawali clarified on the same and said the news reports were baseless and ill-intended. “We examined the matter seriously and found that neither the news sources nor the news itself was true,” he added.
He further said such misinformation could harm the harmonious bilateral relations. “Let’s avoid disseminating fake information because we have to deal maturely with our neighbours,” he said.
According to him, Nepal and China faced no border dispute because they had signed a peace and friendship border treaty. “We both have agreed to inspect the bilateral border points in every 10 years and it has happened several times,” he added.
Minister Gyawali also said it was decided to place border pillars for clear boundary demarcation during the third joint border inspection. “Preparations are under way to resolve the issue on tri-junction towards the west,” he said.
Lawmaker Ram Narayan Bidari expressed

dissatisfaction over the trend of asking questions to the ministers on the media reports in the House session and asked whether the media were booked for investigation or not for disseminating false information.
The Minister said the media were immature to examine information of serious issues like border safety, territorial dispute and national sovereignty. “However we are investigating into the news sources,” he said.
Similarly, lawmaker Prakash Pantha sought information on the updates after publishing the revised political map of the country.
Minister Gyawali said that they were regularly in touch with Indian government and were waiting for an appropriate time for detail discussion.
The NA lawmakers also discussed three bills including “Citizen Investment Trust (2nd amendment) 2075,” “Inter governmental coordination among federal, state and local bodies-2075” and a report of the subject committee on protecting documents of national importance.