Wednesday, 6 December, 2023

Nepali embassies mark Constitution Day in US, India, China


Kathmandu, Sept 21: The Permanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations and the Consulate General of Nepal in New York jointly hosted a reception in New York on September 17 to celebrate the National Day and the fourth anniversary of the promulgation of the constitution of Nepal.
A press statement released by Nepali Permanent Mission in New York stated Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Nepal to the United Nations, Amrit Bahadur Rai, said that Nepal is one of the oldest nations and has remained a peace-loving country and a responsible member in the comity of nations.

Referring to the promulgation of new constitution drafted by the elected Constituent Assembly four years ago on 20 September, the Ambassador further said that after the institutionalization of political transformation, “Nepal has geared for accelerated yet sustainable economic development to realize the national aspiration of 'Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali'."

"Nepal is a land of discovery and exquisite experience", the Ambassador said and invited all to visit Nepal to have a surreal experience emanating from the sublime union of nature and culture that rarely exists on the earth.

Similarly, Ambassador of Nepal to India, Nilamber Acharya, hosted a reception on September 19 on the occasion of the Constitution Day. Minister of State for External Affairs of the Government of India V. Muraleedharan attended the event as the Chief Guest.

On the occasion, Ambassador Acharya said the constitution has laid strong foundation for the inclusive polity based on social justice and it has incorporated all the fundamental norms and values of democratic governance. Mentioning about the inclusive nature of the constitution, the Ambassador stated that the mixed electoral system for the federal parliament has guaranteed representation of women as well as various communities of Nepal’s diverse society.

Speaking about Nepal’s development vision captured in the motto “Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis”, the Ambassador shared that encouraging economic growth rate the country was able to achieve in the past three years has provided a solid boost to its ambition to reach the middle-income status in next ten years, according to a press statement.

Moreover, Ambassador Acharya highlighted the country’s independent foreign policy based on the UN Charter, non-alignment, principles of Panchasheel, international law and universal norms. "Nepal has excellent relations with all friendly countries in the world and close ties with our neighbours," he reminded.

The Ambassador spoke about the comprehensive and multidimensional nature of Nepal-India relations. Stressing on importance of economic engagement between the two countries, he made a point that economic dimension is increasingly receiving greater focus at both leadership and functional levels. Connectivity and infrastructure receive top priority in the two countries' engagement, Ambassador Acharya said, so does cooperation in water resources and hydropower as well as trade, transit and investment.

Among the guests attending the reception were officials of the Indian government, Delhi-based Ambassadors, diplomats, Members of Parliament, political leaders, members of business community, scholars, artists, media persons, and members of Nepali community in India.

Moreover, the Nepali Embassy in Beijing hosted a reception to observe Nepal’s National Day, also the fourth anniversary of the promulgation of the Constitution of Nepal, in Beijing on September 19. Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Luo Zhaohui, attended the event as Guest of Honor.
Ambassador of Nepal to China, Leela Mani Paudyal, stated that the promulgation of the new constitution of Nepal has special significance in the modern history of Nepal for institutionalizing a republican and federal system of governance. He mentioned that Nepal and China enjoy the best of relations and that the two countries have made remarkable achievements in the fields of border connectivity, cultural co-operation and people-to-people level contacts over the past year. According to him, new initiatives for economic co-operation under bilateral co-operation and the Belt and Road Initiative would bring greater prosperity and benefits to the people of the two countries in the days to come.
The event included a cultural show, including kumari dance and other musical and dance performances, by Nepali and Chinese artists.
The reception was attended by Ambassadors, senior officials of the Chinese government, scholars and academics, friends of Nepal, prominent Nepali nationals living in China and the Embassy family.