Thursday, 22 February, 2024

Natural disaster kills over 250 in 5 months


By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Sept. 18: Natural calamities have claimed the life of over 250 Nepalis across the country in the last five months, a police report showed. In the last five months beginning from April 14, altogether 271 people lost their lives, 646 were injured and 30 went missing in different disasters.
As of the record of September 15 of Nepal Police Headquarters, 767 families were displaced while 1,963 livestock were killed in various types of natural and other disasters during the period.
Similarly, 4,607 houses faced inundation, and 15 bridges, 1,761 houses, 217 cowsheds, 12 industries, 28 school buildings and 74 government offices. Were damaged
According to the preliminary records, property worth Rs. 2.42 billion was destroyed in the disasters caused by monsoon rains and other natural calamities in five months. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and joint-spokesperson Umesh Raj Joshi of the Police Headquarters said that natural calamities occurred in 2,011 places of the country.
A total of 16,200 Nepal Police personnel were deployed for search and rescue operation in five months, SSP Joshi said.
Among various types of natural and other disasters, arsons occurred in 829 places, floods in 248 places, landslides in 471 places, lightning in 213 places, animal attack in 108 places, windstorm in 111 places.
Nepal Police has been regularly deploying and engaging its trained manpower in the search and rescue operations whenever any kind of natural disaster is reported from across the country, SSP Joshi said.
epal Police has tried to reach the incident sites instantly every time, he said.