Thursday, 18 April, 2024

Local levels in Kavre, Solu take initiatives to develop homestay


By Our Correspondents
Kavre/Solukhumbu, Sept. 26: One local level each in Kavrepalachowk and Solukhumbu districts have introduced schemes to promote homestays in a bid to develop tourism.
Roshi Gaunpalika in Kavre District has decided to distribute grants to its locals for developing homestay business in the village.
After the Tindhara waterfall located at Roshi Gaunpalika-2 gained a sudden popularity, the Gaunpalika has set a target to provide grants to 30 houses for developing homestay facilities.
Ward chairman DB Lama said majority of the visitors, who came to visit this place, have shared that they wanted to spend more time in the location but in lack of lodging facility they were unable to stay there.
The grant is being provided to develop homestay facilities, said Lama, adding that the Gaunpalika will distribute Rs. 10,000 each for 30 households.
Lately, hundreds of visitors from the Kathmandu Valley and other adjoining districts have been visiting the site to observe the scenery of the waterfall and the numbers of visitors are growing each day, said locals.
The area is not so developed and also lacks basic infrastructures, road, walking trails, fences, toilet, parking lot and the like, said Dambar Dahal, chief administrative officer of the Gaunpalika.
With an objective of promoting this touristic site, an 11-member committee would be formed immediately, he said.
“The Gaunpalika is working to promote this new touristic site. The Gaunpalika has already decided to form a joint committee of ward chairs of 1, 2 and 3 for that,” he added.
Dahal said they were working to build essential infrastructure so as to develop the site of water fall and comfortable homestay facilities. This includes toilet, road, parking lot, ladders and fences.
He said the only objective of the programme was to increase the income of the locals through this new touristic site and attract tourists here.
“If the flow of tourists in homestays in the village increases, it will benefit the tourism sector, while creating self-employment opportunities in villages,” he added.
Dahal further added that they were preparing a detailed project report (DPR) for infrastructure development and promotion of the home stay facilities.
The waterfall was already listed at the Department of Tourism in 2018 BS, he said adding that, however, due to lack of promotion, it remained under the shadow.
But thanks to those who have shared the videos and pictures of the waterfall through social media. Because of them, this site has gained unexpected popularity, said Dahal.
The Gaunpalika informed that around 50,000 people have visited the place since last one and a half months. Thulung Dudhkoshi Gaunpalika of Solukhumbu, known as best tourist destination for mountain tourism, has started homestay programme.
In Solukhumbu district, a homestay service is all set to come into operation for the first time at the community level.
Chairman of Thulung Dudhkoshi Gaunpalika Asim Rai said that the Gaunpaliya had started the homestay programme to make rural economy vibrant by attracting domestic and international tourists.
“We will attract tourists by publicising local and indigenous tradition, religions, cultures and costumes,” he said.
According to him, the Gaunpalika has provided Rs. 45,000 each to 24 houses selected to run the homestay services.
“We have supported them for the construction of basic infrastructures such as guest rooms, toilets and arrange drinking water and other facilities,” he said.
The owners of houses selected to operate homestay services visited the homestay of Sirubari of Syanjga and Ghale Gaun of Lamjung with the financial support of a local, Balaram Gurung.
They learned many things from the visit and they are excited to run the homestay services in their settlements.
“The preparation to run the homestay service has reached the final stage. The service will come into operation before Dashain festival,” Rai said.
The Gaunpalika would recognise the homestay that provides quality service to the guests by presenting awards.
Dinesh Kumar Rai, youth of Mukli Charghare, said that the homestay service would contribute to the promotion of tourism as lower part of the district has potential for agricultural, religious and cultural tourism.
He expressed his hope that there would be jobs for the local youth and improvement in the livelihood of locals from the operation of homestay service.