Thursday, 13 June, 2024

Jatara festival being celebrated in Mithilanchal


Janakpurdham, Oct 8: Yatra Parba festival, also known as Jatara Parba in Mithila region, is being celebrated on the tenth day of the Bada Dashain festival today.
As the religious belief goes, today is considered the most auspicious day throughout the year as the goddess Durga travels on the day of Dashami. Mithila region is famous for worship of power and might, and goddess Durga is worshipped with much beneration taking her as the symbol of power and might.
On this occasion, clay statues of the goddess are prepared and worshipped on this day. Religious fair is also organized in rural areas.
There is a belief in Mithila and in Bengal and Assam region of India that goddess Durga comes to her maternal home for nine days and returns to her consort's home on the day of Dashami. So, on this day, the goddess is given a 'farewell' and her clay statues are disposed of by immersing in rivers and ponds. She is offered gifts like the dubo grass, rice, betel nut and turmeric.
As per the religious belief that all ten gates in heaven are opened on the day of Dashami, people carry out various new ventures, marriage and undertake new journey as there is no need for auspicious hour to do these activities on this day.
On the day of the Yatra, people wear the jayanti as the gift from the goddess and the family priests also offer the same to their customers along with the blessings. Having a glimpse of the Neelakantha bird is also considered auspicious on this day.
On this day, the devotees go near the trees where these birds have nests and are roosting and they make them fly so that they can have a glimpse of them. The people then write verses on a piece of paper and leave it there.
Also on this day, the effigy of the demon king Ravana is burnt as this day is known as Bijaya Dashami meaning the tenth day of victory. As per the legend, lord Ram had slayed the demon king Ravana on this very day after worshipping the goddess.