Thursday, 18 April, 2024

Janakpur bans use of polythene bags


By Our Correspondent
Janakpurdham, Oct 10: The Janakpur Sub-Metropolitan City has banned the use of polythene bags in Janakpur, with a vision of making the city clean and pollution free.
The city office has recently initiated the plastic-bags free campaign in the city.
As a part of the cleanliness campaign, the city office has distributed eco-friendly bags to public and also replaced polythene bags from the shops of the major market areas.
A team led by the mayor of Janakpur, Lal Kishore Shah, has replaced plastic bags with the eco-friendly bags from the major market areas, including, Ramjanaki temple, Rajdevi temple, Janakchowk, Ramchowk and Janakichowk among others.
Mayor Shah said with the major festivals like Dashain, Tihar and Chhath round the bend, festive shoppers throng the major market centers across the city to purchase stuffs for the festival and haphazard use of plastic bags occurred at this time.
So the city office has stepped up efforts to replace plastic bags with eco-friendly bags, he added.
The ban on plastic bags will not become effective if the public do not cooperate with the city office. People should give up their habit of carrying plastic bags, only then the campaign will become effective, he added.
He asked people to avoid the use of polythene bags and help the city office to control pollution.
Chief District Officer of Dhanusa, Pradeep Raj Kandel, social workers Baidhya Nath Shah and civil society have also expressed their solidarity with the campaign.
Ram Ashish Yadav, member of State Assembly of State 2, said the campaign was effective to keep the city clean and plastic-free.
The collaborative effort of all, government bodies, civil society, non-government bodies, shopkeepers and local people, was a must to make the campaign successful, he added.
He added that public awareness should be raised about the environmental cost of the plastic bags.