Thursday, 13 June, 2024

Integrated and coordinative efforts required for scientific innovations: PM Deuba


Kathmandu, Feb. 18: Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, (NAST), Sher Bahadur Deuba, has pointed out the need for integrated and coordinative efforts from all quarters for new research, study and invention in science and technology.

At the 45th Academic Assembly of the NAST today, Prime Minister Deuba laid an emphasis on the need of stopping the brain drain by fully mobilizing educated human resources in the area of science and technology in the country and accelerating the pace of economic development linking science and technology with nation's modernization and production system.

On the occasion, he directed the concerned ministries and office-bearers of the NAST to prepare and forward a substantive action plan for full utilization of the expertise of scientists and experts associated with NAST as well as scientists and researchers of the country for the same.

The NAST has been playing a significant role to make necessary coordination and facilitation in order to bring in new technologies in the countries, added PM Deuba.

He opined, "I want to congratulate all scientists and technicians for their efforts along with NAST in the successful launching of Nepal's satellite. I thanked the NAST for its role to provide COVID-19 isolation booths to all security bodies, different organisations and local bodies and thus contributing to the containment of the virus.

He took time to praise the NAST for the beginning to produce oxygen cylinders within the country and test the used cylinders. He urged all youth scientists and expert technical forces to dedicate more time for new research and innovation projects capable of ensuring quality improvements in people’s lives and transforming the status of the nations.

As the Prime Minister believed the NAST should further intensify its programs to train science teachers, establish information access centres, award scientists and support research organisations.

The Prime Minister said he hoped that the NAST would complete the pending works from the previous year with a new approach and strategy in the current fiscal. Besides, as he expected, the Assembly would go through constructive discussions, identifying existing and future challenges and ways to tackle them.