Wednesday, 19 June, 2024

Government brings adjusted school curricula


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Sept. 16: Ministry for Education, Science and Technology Tuesday unveiled School Level Curriculum Adjustment Models, 2077 with a target to complete the academic session by Mid-April next year. Now, all schools across the country need to give continuity to alternative modes of teaching as directed by the models.
The Ministry has developed the models so that the students could be assured minimum learning achievement of the concerned grades. The government has brought the models to avoid the loss of the academic year of school students. The models will come into effect right away, the Ministry stated.
Unveiling the models, Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Giriraj Mani Pokharel said all schools should manage to teach children through direct and alternative modes in coordination with the headmasters, local teachers, local level representatives and guardians.
Minister Pokharel said on the basis of the models developed by the government, the school teachers should give priority to the learning materials for students, but that must be evidence-based.
According to the Ministry, it has brought the models of curricula from grade one to grade 12 which are categorised into two parts.
Deepak Sharma, spokesperson of the Ministry, said in one part of every curriculum, there is requirement for the teachers’ facilitation and guidance and another part of curricula includes the matters that can be learnt by students themselves and under the guardians’ guidance. Therefore, the adjustment of the curriculum does not mean that it has reduced the contents of learning, Sharma stated.
Regarding the evaluation of the students, spokesperson Sharma stated that if the situation remained the same, teachers could evaluate students from virtual assignment and even also from small gathering in the community which has also been mentioned in the models.
The alternative facilitation directives brought by the Ministry stated that this year’s academic session would go on from the alternative modes like online, offline, radio, television, print and even physical presence, according to access to technology of the students.