Wednesday, 6 December, 2023

‘Gorkhapatra should pay attention to safeguard federalism’


By Our Correspondent

Biratnagar, Sept. 19: On the eve of eastern publication of the Gorkhapatra daily and its sister publication The Rising Nepal from September 20, the Gorkhapatra Corporation held a face-to-face interaction here on Wednesday.
In the programme organised in the capital city of State-1, professors, advocates, litterateurs, journalists and teachers aired their views on the Gorkhapatra and The Rising Nepal and the preparations made to publish their eastern edition from Biratnagar.
Minister for Communication and Information Technology and the government spokesperson Gokul Prasad Baskota is scheduled to inaugurate the newly constructed building of the publication and the press on Thursday.
The participants of the interaction suggested ways to make the Gorkhapatra daily and its other publications more reliable by offering truth and factual contents.
The Gorkhapatra daily and its every content should build a base of trustworthy and reliable news source, they suggested.
During the interaction, Acting Editor-in-Chief of the Gorkhapatra Shree Om Shrestha, Consulting Editor of the Gorkhapatra Corporation Gopal Khanal, Acting Editor-in-Chief of The Rising Nepal Jagadish Pokharel and advisor to Gorkhapatra Corporation Kumar Bhattarai had expressed their views on the improvement and changes brought about in the publications of the corporation.
Speaking at the function politician Prof. Dr. Krishna Pokharel said that the Gorkhapatra should pay proper attention to safeguard federalism and republic.
The Gorkhapatra daily should also do positive criticism of the issues like corruption for the improvement of the government performance instead of publishing only positive news. The GC’s initiative to publish its regional publication from State 1 is positive, but it should also give proper attention to its financial retention.
Prof. Arjun Baral said that the Gorkhapatra daily is not only newspaper but also a friend of every change and transition.
The daily’s every content should be targeted at ways to increase national productivity, it should publish hope instilling news for youth by refraining away from presenting only negativity, he said.
Tikaram Puri, national president of Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation Nepal (PABSON), said many people and readers still had a mentality that how being a government newspaper and carrying this tag the Gorkhapatra could give real information to public.
After having its State publication, we have hope that we can read it early in the morning, he added.
Central member of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Mahesh Regmi said that the Gorkhapatra daily could also be a notable newspaper if all the employees and journalists discarded their mentality of doing dillydallying, negligence and rose above from the thought of doing government job.
Litterateur Kabiraj Neupane said that the GC had a challenge to preserving its 119 years of reliability and trustworthiness in its contents. “The Gorkhapatra should and present itself as Gorkhapatra by maintaining its trustworthiness and reliability,” he said.
Bibek Gautam, general secretary FNJ State-1, said that the Gorkhapatra should now be able to answer the readers why they should read the Gorkhapatra.
Bheshraj Pokharel, central vice-president of HISAN, said that the Gorkhpatra should present itself as a critic newspaper.
At the function, civil society member Ram Babu Dahal, politician, Bimala Ghimire, senior journalist Yagya Sharma, Litterateurs Sima Abhash, and Mamata Shresta, Bijeta Adhikari, Mahammad Sadarul, Nira Bhagat had also expressed their views.