Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Fulpati today


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Oct. 23: Hindus across Nepal are observing Fulpati, the seventh day of the Dashain festival, on Friday. On the occasion, Fulpati is received into houses as per the age-old tradition.
Fulpati, an assortment of flowers, banana leaves, ginger plant, sugarcane plant and fruits considered auspicious, is anointed at Dashainghar of the Hanumandhoka Palace in Basantapur.
It is brought to Kathmandu from Gorkha following the Vedic rituals to be anointed at Dashainghar.
A team of Gurujyuko Platoon, Nepali Army, Nepal Police and other high-ranking officials, the Asha Gurja team, band music, panchebaja bands and decorated Kalsyoulis and a procession along with cultural pageantry leave Hanumandhoka for Jamal with the Fulpati.
However, due to the fear of COVID-19, there might not be a crowd of people to watch the Fulpati programme this year.