Friday, 1 December, 2023

Female deputies aspire to lead local levels


By Our Correspondent
Dhangadhi, Apr. 7: In Kailali, deputy mayors and vice-chairs are now on the threshold of becoming chiefs of municipalities.
Stating that women also are capable of leading in any situation, they are preparing to become chiefs of the municipalities. Most women were elected as deputy mayor and vice-chair in local level elections held in 2017. There are few women at local levels. As a result, an illusion has been created that the post of deputy mayor or vice-president is for women only.

However, the post of deputy mayor or vice-chair is not only for women and should not be understood as such, said Sushila Mishra Bhatt, deputy-mayor of Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan City. She added that given the opportunity, women can lead in any situation.

Bhatt has claimed for the post of mayor of Dhangadhi Sub-metroplitan City and engaged in election preparations. She said that she is capable of becoming mayor in every respect.
In Kailali, which has 13 local levels, all municipality chiefs are male and women are only deputy chiefs.

Deputy Chief of Gauriganga Municipality, Anchala Chaudhary said that at least 40 per cent women should come as municipality chiefs from the upcoming local level election. She said, "We have started a debate that more women should be brought in as chiefs or ward chairpersons."

The previous election had been dominated by men. According to Chaudhary, there was 98 per cent of men's representation as chiefs in 753 municipalities in the country. She said that they have been raising the voice that women's participation and representation should be increased for the post of chief.

Nepal's constitution provides for meaningful participation of women at the local level. Women's participation was 41 per cent in 2017 election. However, there was no meaningful participation.
The women representatives are happy to work according to the responsibilities given to them at the local level. However, they are not satisfied with the fact that women are mostly confined to deputy chiefs. Chure Rural Municipality Vice-chairperson Deepadevi Saud said that the post of deputy-chief alone is not for women but also the post of chief. Women should come forward for it.