Wednesday, 29 May, 2024

Election symbols of small parties also to be included in ballot paper


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Mar. 28: The Election Commission has decided to also include the election symbols of the small parties in the ballot paper for the upcoming local level election which is slated for May 13.

The six parties that have been recognised as national-level ones will get their election symbols printed on all the ballot papers while the election symbols of the small parties will be printed on the ballot papers considering the districts where the individual small parties intend to nominate their candidates.

Shaligram Sharma Paudel, spokesperson of the EC, said that the EC has asked 73 small parties to submit the structure of their district working committee and that the small parties will be provided with the election symbols in the ballot paper for the concerned district.

Speaking at a regular press meeting, spokesperson Paudel said the EC has approved the number of total voters as being 17 million 733 hundred thousand and 723 for the local polls.

There will be 10, 756 polling stations and 21,955 polling centers across the country.

The EC has also urged the national non-government organisations which wish to observe the local polls for submitting applications.