Thursday, 18 April, 2024

EC to set up video management system to monitor vote counting


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Mar. 22: The Election Commission has been preparing to use a vote counting video management system to monitor the vote counting stations from the upcoming local level poll.
According to the Election Commission (EC), it has started a process of installing a vote counting management system so that monitoring of the vote counting and ballot box storage could be done from the premises of the EC.

Addressing the regular press meet on Monday, EC spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel said that the EC has also requested all local levels via the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration for their cooperation to install the system.

“Following the completion of the polling, monitoring of the stored ballot boxes and vote counting will be monitored from the Commission’s premises,” said Poudel.
Similarly, the Election Commission has decided to organise interaction from Mar 23-31 in all the seven provinces regarding the implementation of local level election code of conduct.
Poudel said, “The Commission, in collaboration with the Nepal Law Society and with the participation of Chief Election Commissioners, Commissioners and election experts is holding discussions with political parties, stakeholders, institutions and officials on the implementation of the code of conduct in 15 districts of all provinces.”

Poudel said out of 73 political parties, which have not gained national status, only 58 parties have submitted details of their district level organisations and district committees at the EC for election symbols.

Earlier, the EC had written letters to 73 small political parties, which were recognised by the EC to take part in the forthcoming local poll to allot them election symbols.
Similarly, the EC has been preparing to launch a toll free number ‘1102’ from March 29 to receive inquiries and complaints of voters, general public and stakeholders.
The Commission has also approved security management guidelines, said Poudel.

During the press meeting, EC also clarified that the current printing works were being done outside because it was cheaper than spending budget on the maintenance of the machine purchased by the Commission in 2074 BS.

He further informed that the election-related allowance was provided in accordance with the agreement of the Ministry of Finance and the directive and law approved by the Commission.
Stating that the Commission has made more economical decisions on the allowance than in the previous election, he said, adding, “The election allowance was 121 per cent in the previous election, but it is only 100 per cent this year.”

Sharma also said that the incumbent people’s representatives have been allowed to participate in the election by resigning on the basis of the constitution and the law.
The Election Commission clarified that the rule for local representatives to resign before filing their nomination in upcoming local polls is in accordance with the law.
The EC’s code of conduct, published in the Nepal Gazette on Thursday, making it mandatory that local representatives must resign before they file nomination to contest election again. As per the law, their terms end on May 19.

“The code of conduct has made such provision according to the constitution and local level election act,” said Poudel.