Wednesday, 29 May, 2024

Devotees throng Taleju Bhawani Temple

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Kathmandu, Oct 7: People have thronged the temple of Taleju Bhawani at Kathmandu Durbar Square area since Monday morning to pay homage to the goddess on the occasion of the Maha Nawami.
The temple is opened to public only once in a year on the day of Maha Nawami during the Dashain festival.
Prayers, worshipping and animal sacrifice are taking place in the temple.
Arrangements have been made for devotees to enter the temple from two routes: one is from Indra Chowk and another is towards the New Road area.
The temple built during the Malla era was damaged by the 2015 April earthquake and it is being rebuilt.
Other historic monuments and temples situated at the area were built in the period between the King Ratna Malla and Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah.
The temples of Jagannath, Shiva-Parbati, and Kal Bhairabh, Maiju Dewal, Kumari Ghar, Basantapur Durbar, Gaddi Baithak and Kastamandap are other important heritages located in the area.