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'Destination Madhyapur’ campaign launched


By Indira Aryal
Kathmandu, Jan 1 : Madhyapur Thimi Municipality, in Bhaktapur district, is set to launch 'Destination Madhyapur’ campaign from January 1, 2020, aiming to make the Municipality an attractive tourist destination of the valley. Mayor of the Municipality Madan Sundar Shrestha informed that the heritage walk will be organised early in the morning, on the same day, to show the visitors the historical, cultural, religious and lively art of the Municipality.
The Municipality, 11 kilometres away from Kathmandu, is rich in its culture and tradition.
Over 500 people are expected to take part in the heritage walk and the walkers will be provided with white T-shit and brochures that will be released on the same day.
“Madhyapur Thimi Tourist Handbook, a unique destination for original art, culture and heritage” will be launched on the day before the heritage walk starts.
Bagmati Province Speaker Sanu Kumar Shrestha and Mayor Shrestha will jointly release the handbook.
Mayor Shrestha informed that the rationale for programme was to make the Municipality an attractive destination for both internal and external tourists and that the Municipality would follow health standards for those taking part in the walk. The walkers will visit all the heritage sites, parks and monuments of the Municipality for three hours.
“The Municipality has also won this year’s ‘Asian Township Award 2020’ for revitalising the heritage and culture of the city, and we are excited to announce the 'Destination Madhyapur Campaign’ from the year 2021,” he said. The campaign is one of the regular programmes of the Municipality, he added.
Chairman of Osla Nepal, an NGO, and coordinator of the programme, Rajesh Shrestha informed the Municipality is littered with culture and attractive parks and that tourists can enjoy their time while visiting the city.
There are many possibilities for tourism in the Municipality and the old traditional heritage sites that were destroyed long ago are now getting new lives, he said.
“After seeing many possibilities in the tourism sector, Mayor Shrestha designed the “Destination Madhyapur” campaign to convey a message to the people that the Municipality is also a destination for both internal and external tourists,” Shrestha said.
Shyam Manandhar, a local of Ward No. 4, said that the being in the Municipality was a proud moment as Newars, the indigenous community, were united in conserving and showcasing their culture and heritage sites.
Speaking to The Rising Nepal, Mayor Shrestha said the Municipality has so far reconstructed five dilapidated historical ponds, two monasteries, 20 stone fountains, 25 pavilions, eight wells and two parks.
The heritage walk starts with Dhime Baja and Bashuri Baja (traditional music) at Sankhadhar chowk and goes through Tachu Tole, Bishnubir, Balkumari, Wamune Tole, Lachi Tole, Lokeshwor temple, Dadhu Tole, Layaku, Shiba Tole, Nigu:Pukhu, Inaya Tole, Indrayani, Bishu kundal, Digu Tole, Chode Mahalaxmisthan, Bhulakhel, Hattimahankal, Siddhikali, Kumanani, Chapache Ganesh, Songa Pukhu, PatyBihar, Bahakha Bazar, Garcha Chwok, Dyo:Che Nagadesh, Siddhi Ganesh, Buddha Bihar, Bishnu Taki, Nachu Tole, Lachi, Vhangu, Bishnu Ghar, Kamal Pokhari, Kalika temple before ending at Kumari Park.
Local representatives, Nepal Tourism Board, Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAN), a team of foreign tourists, representatives of various organisations and journalists are participating in the walk. The Municipality will spend some Rs. 500,000 for the event, Mayor Shrestha said.