Sunday, 3 March, 2024

Co-operate with govt, Mahara urges House panels

Photo: TRN/Rajendra Chitrakar

By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Sept.16: Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara on Monday urged the parliamentary committees to help regulate the government activities.
“The legislators can regulate the government activities and suggest for better public delivery. However, they should not act to restrict such activities,” he said while speaking at an interaction today.
He said that the House panels should co-operate with the government for the latter’s better performance by regulating its activities.
The speaker expressed worries over the increasing distance between the government and the parliamentary panels and reminded the lawmakers of their roles and responsibilities in the panels of the both Houses. He asked the lawmakers not to contain the government’s role but stay aware to guide the government towards right path.
“We are legislators and our prime responsibility of making laws should not be affected by our own acts,” he added. He said that he had heard the House panels were not co-operating with the government.
Speaker Mahara viewed that the parliamentary tasks would be more effective only when the government responded to the issues raised in the House.
Mahara said that the provisions and practices like zero hour, special hour, presenting proposals and drawing the attention of the government on public issues in the parliamentary process would be more effective only when the government responded to the issued thus raised.