Thursday, 25 April, 2024

Blueprint for Nepal-China relations

Photo: RSS

Just now I’ve said Namaste written in the Chinese language. It may not have sounded that good.
Hundreds of flowers have bloomed in Nepal in autumn. I have come to Nepal at the cordial invitation of Honourable President Bidya Devi Bhandari. This is my first visit of Kantipur-Kathmandu. I have met my old and new friends here. I am extremely delighted to see political stability, social harmony and happy life of the people of Nepal. My hopes towards the future have been raised.
I have a hope that our two countries will maintain a more intimate political relationship. In more than half a century since the diplomatic relations were established between China and Nepal, the two countries have shown to the world an example of friendly relations between neighbours. What I am trying to tell the President is that there is no problem in the relations between China and Nepal, there is only friendship.
Honourable President Bidya Devi Bhandari and I have decided to establish generational relations of strategic partnership oriented towards prosperity and development by doing co-work for common benefit while confronting the bilateral challenges and difficulties.
I have a hope a more convenient relationship will be built between the two countries. We will start the feasibility study of China-Nepal Transborder Railways, upgrade the Araniko Highway in different phases by guaranteeing its smooth operation, actively take ahead the Keyrung-Kathmandu Tunnel Project, build the trans-Himalayan Multidimensional Connectivity Network by opening more checkpoints and help Nepal realise its dream of becoming land-linked from a landlocked country.
I have a hope that the understanding of the peoples of the two countries will increase. We will actively take ahead the post-earthquake reconstruction project. We will encourage more Chinese tourists to come to Nepal in the Visit Nepal Year 2020. We will increase the understanding between the peoples by increasing the investment in education and culture. We will also encourage more cities of the two countries to propose sister-city relationship. We want this for the seed of friendship between the two countries to sprout.
Just now, the President mentioned Lumbini is the birthplace of the Buddha. Most of the followers of the Buddhist Religion in the world are in China. As in Nepal, the Buddhist Religion has now become a local religion in China. In my view, in the days ahead, more and more Chinese people following the Buddhist Religion will come to visit Nepal and they will be here also for Religious Exchanges.
I hope the two countries will engage in more multidimensional co-work.
In the present context, self-protectionism, unilateralism and supremacism are widespread. We should support pluralism and economic liberalisation.
The Chinese side has understood the special concern of the Nepali side over Climate Change well. We also support the appropriate demand of the Nepali side in terms of the commitments related to Climate Change. We will always be ready to save our common, mainly Himal, Sagarmatha, by taking ahead the process of addressing Climate Change from many sides.
I am very happy that we have secured unanimity of all Nepali leaders. I am extremely happy that in the course of this visit I could work with the Nepali leaders to draw a new blueprint and plans for relations between China and Nepal. Tomorrow, I will exchange views also with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on the bilateral relations and our common concern.
I often say we should complete the plans we make. We have done that in China. We have recently marked the 70th year of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. Our aims are at two targets for two centenaries. We will realise the first target in the year ahead. For the second, we will take 30 years. But, the roadmap to doing our work is clear and we should implement it.
Let us make joint efforts to create a new future of our bilateral relationship.
Now I want to propose a toast in front of everyone present here. Cheers for prosperous and happy life of Nepal, for generations of friendship between China and Nepal and for the health of everyone present here, including President Bidya Devi Bhandari.

(English translation of the speech given by Chinese President Xi Jinping at a banquet hosted by President Bidya Devi Bhandari)