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Blooming of Salahesh heralds New Year in Siraha


By Our Correspondent
Siraha, Apr. 14: Siraha celebrates the amazing flower Salahesh, which blooms once a year in Nepal, just for a day by organising fairs and festivals.
In remembrance of 14th century king Salahesh, a folk hero, fairs and festivals are held in various places of Siraha on first day of Nepali New Year 2079 BS.

The fairs and festivals are held at Salahesh Fulbari and Pakadiyagadh of Lahan, Mahisothagadh of Siraha headquaters, Patari pokhari of Laxmipur on that day. The flower, which blooms only at the Salahesh Fulbari in Lahan Municipality-12, Madhes Province, is at the centre of attraction of these fairs and festivals.

The flower, which blooms on the first day of the New Year on two trees at Salahesh Fulbari, is taken as a token of love between king Salahesh and his beloved Malini. The locals feel that the New Year has finally arrived once the flowers bloom on hundred-year-old two trees known as 'Haram' in local language in a forest spread over 5.5 acres.

According to the folklore, king Sahalesh used to come to the Fulbari and wrestle with his friends every day. After that he used to take a walk with his beloved Malini, who used to offer flower garland to him. It is said that the Fulbari was named Salahesh after the love between the king and his beloved became strong in 1266 AD. And it is believed that the Malakar flowers that bloom on the tree near Malini's temple (Gahbar) on the first day of Nepali month of Baisakh each year symbolises their love.

People from Siraha, Saptari, Udayapur, Sindhuli, Dhanusha, Mahottari, Sarlahi and nearby villages of India visit this place just to see these flowers.
King Sahalesh is popular for climate, fields, villages and forests in Mithila. Salahesh is considered to be the second most influential person after king Janak. Due to his brave and miraculous leadership in Mithila in around 14th century, he is still talked about.

As it is associated with the legend of the almighty King Salahesh, the fairs are being organised at the Fulbari and Mahisothagarh in Siraha district headquarters as well as Pakdiya Garh in Lahan Municipality-18, Brahman Gorchari in Ward No. 20, Manik Daha in Ward No. 24 and Patari Pokhari in Laxmipurpatari Rural Municipality.

At the fair, some people even make vows to fulfill their desires. Childless couples worship the King for procreation, chronic patients for good health and fulfillment of desires. There is a tradition of offering a goat and a paper umbrella to Salahesh once their desires get fulfilled.

It is believed that the marriage will be successful if it is solemnised with the help of Salahesh. It is believed that taking a vow in the temple of Salahesh will fulfill one's desires.