Saturday, 2 March, 2024

Biplab's son arrested


Chitwan, Sept 11 : The Chitwan Police have arrested 15 students including Prakash Chand, son of Netra Bikram Chand 'Biplab', citing the group attempted to disrupt the Chitwan Medical College's services. 

According to District Police Office Chitwan's Chief Superintendent of Police Dan Bahadur Malla, the group was charged of attempting to halt the hospital service and to vandalise the hospital structure. 

The group was engaged in lowest form of verbal abuse against several people since a week, he said. They are under interrogation. Chand leads the students' movement going in the college. He is the intern student after completing his MBBS degree from the same college. The movement is meant for exerting pressure on the government to reduce the education fees.    

Meanwhile, the college in a press statement today urged the agitating side to withdraw all programmes of protests by rightly considering the real situation and find a solution in a cordial way.(RSS)