Saturday, 22 June, 2024

Baskota inaugurates eastern edition of Gorkhapatra

Photo: RSS

By Nawaraj Kattel
Rangeli, Sept 19: Minister for Communication and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota inaugurated the eastern edition of Gorkhapatra publications from Biratnagar on Thursday.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, he said that the existence of democracy and press is eternal and added that the relationship between press and democracy is always cordial.
In the world of journalism there is a principle which says, ‘picture speaks itself,’ said Minister Baskota, “Production of Gorkhapatra publications from Biratnagar would shed light on the future of the Gorkhapatra Corporation.”
The beginning of the Press in Nepal originated with the publication of the Gorkhapatra, which should be the mouthpiece of the nation, not only of the government, said Minister Baskota.
The daily should engage in attacking and exposing all existing anomalies of the society by improving its language and contents, said Baskota, adding that the Gorkhapatra should disseminate truth among the people.
Stating that the Gorkhaptra is the property of the citizens, Minister Baskota stressed on maintaining its quality.
He suggested all the GS employees to work devotedly for making it competent in the modern days.
The topics attract the readers but reading the news incorporating the content of knowledge, art and culture is the rights of the citizens, said Minister Banskota.
“The Gorkhapatra should be made the heart of the citizens of State 1 and 2,” said Minister Banskota, adding the daily should act itself as a mega campaign in building a new Nepal.
The publication of the daily from Biratnagar has visualised the multidisciplinary picture of prosperous Nepal.
In Biratnagar where the Prajatantrik Radio first aired people’s voice, Tarini Prasad Koirala Sanchargram would also be established within three months, said Minister Baskota.
The state-owned Nepal Television would also start its services from here on Falgun 7, informed Baskota.
Stating that the government would take its development ahead in every corner of the nation, Minister Baskota said that one should not expect results of development just after laying of the foundation stone.
He said that those who criticised the government for not constructing infrastructures would get answers from the work itself.
He also asked the people to celebrate the Constitution Day as a national festival.
He said that the government was working strongly to curb corruption. “In order to eliminate the ongoing corruption, we have been striving for punishing the corrupt. Those who involve in corruption are the culprit,” said Minister Baskota and claimed that corrupts would be booked and punished by law.