Monday, 22 April, 2024

Appoint officials at commissions: Lawmakers

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Kathmandu, Sept 22: The House of Representatives (HoR) members have urged the government to immediately appoint officials at the commissions including National Women's Commission. The members attending the meeting of the Women and Social Committee of the HoR complained that the service seekers were deprived of their rights for not having commissioners at the commissions.
Lawmaker Laxmi Pariyar said the people suffering the caste based discrimination were desperately waiting for justice. "The posts of officials were lying vacant at Badi Commission, Women Commission, Dalit Commission, and others. As a result, the women, children, Dalit, senior citizens and backward community were are at the receiving end. Government must pay heed to it," she stressed.
Another lawmaker Bimala BK viewed that the parliament committee could direct the government for prompt appointments.
According to Hira Gurung, time has come for all to work in a result-oriented manner for the women children and senior citizens.
Moreover, Ganga Chaudhari shared that the cases of child marriage were growing in Tarai lately. The Committee could take initiative to control it, she suggested.
Khem Lohani was for monitoring the implementation of the Committee directions.