Thursday, 29 September, 2022

Airlines services returning to normalcy, up to 198 flights daily


By Chhetu Sherpa, Kathmandu, July 21: After a decrease in Covid-19 infections airlines services have gradually been returning back to normalcy.

Airlines have received permission to fly a daily of 198 domestic flights and 14 international flights from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) and even passengers have begun to fly with ease.

The second wave of the Coronavirus led the government to ground all flights from April 29.

Once the second wave began to recede the government had allowed the resumption of domestic airline operations from April 17. On Sunday itself TIA saw 100 departures and 98 arrivals making it a total of 198 domestic flights from and to the TIA.

The Chief of the TIA, Pratap Bahadur Tiwari has said that on Monday the airport oversaw 95 departures and 90 arrivals making it a total of 185 flights operations.

The government after enforcing strict safety guidelines has also allowed international flight operations to begin. On Tuesday the airport had allowed 5 international cargo flights and 9 regularly scheduled international flights making it a total of 14 international flights for the day.

From these flights, a total of 1,225 passengers have entered Nepal and a total of 1450 passengers have left Nepal. On Monday there was a total of 13 flights.

Chief Tiwari has also mentioned that even though the government has gradually been allowing international services to resume but a lot of arrival destinations have prohibited flights to arrive in their countries which has made it difficult to operate international flights.

Currently, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore and China have allowed flights to take passengers from these countries but not bring any passengers to these countries. He further added that there has been a gradual increment in the number of domestic flights too.

Currently, 10,646 passengers either depart or arrive at TIA. According to the TIA figures, on Monday 5,428 passengers entered Kathmandu while 5,218 passengers left Kathmandu. Until now nine airlines have operated domestic flights while 29 airlines have operated international flights from TIA. According to the figures from the TIA previously 350 domestic operated to and fro TIA and around 100 international flights took from TIA.