Saturday, 13 July, 2024

10 UML lawmakers in Province 2 verify for CPN (Unified Socialist)


By Laxmi Chaudhari, Janakpurdham, Sept. 2: As many as ten provincial assembly lawmakers in Province 2 have joined the newly formed CPN (Unified Socialist) deserting the CPN (UML).

Lawmakers Shatrudhan Mahato, Govinda Bahadur Neupane, Pramod Yadav, Ashok Kumar Yadav, Manju Kumari Yadav, Bechi Lungeli, Rabindra Baitha, Nagendra Ray Yadav, Hasima Khatun and Manoj Sen Shrivastav reached the provincial election office of the Election Commission on Thursday to verify their names and signatures for the CPN (Unified Socialist).

One more UML lawmaker, Dilli Prasad Upreti, has also submitted an application to the election office expressing his desire to join the CPN (Unified Socialist) as he is currently under treatment at a hospital in New Delhi.

The UML had 21 lawmakers in the provincial assembly and with the 11 members switching to the Unified Socialist, the number of UML lawmakers in the assembly will be reduced to 10.

Shatrughan Mahato, the lawmaker newly associated with the Unified Socialist, said that his party would soon join the provincial government in Province 2 as per the decision of the central level.