Thursday, 30 November, 2023

Ward member turns to be a successful farmer


By Sher Bahadur Sharki, Bajura, Feb. 24: Bholaram Jaishi, a ward member of Budiganga Municipality-10, is known, of late, as a successful farmer of his ward. Jaishi started vegetable farming after the formation of local government.

He has been operating commercialised agriculture business in Phulot of Budhiganga Municipality-10.

Registering an agriculture farm in his own name, ward member Jaishi grows tomato, cabbage, spinach, radish and so forth on 10 Ropanies land. The villagers have been buying vegetables directly from the farm.

 “I sell tomatoes at Rs. 40 per kilogram,” said Jaishi. “I have been earning more than Rs. 50,000 monthly.”

The tomatoes grown in my farm are sold in Malika, Ritha, Betalmandu and Bamka markets, he added.

“Being a ward member, I have to attend ward office from 10 AM to 5 PM every day,” he said. “So I spend my morning and evening in vegetable farming.”

Jaishi said that his wife would undertake the farm works during the day time.

We are very happy as we’re getting fruits of our efforts, he added.

“Through agriculture business, I have been able to make my son and daughter-in-law to pursue their master’s degree,” he said. “Two of my children, one son and one daughter, are preparing to be technical agriculturalists.”

Along with vegetable farming, Jaishi is also involved in poultry and pig farming.

“I earn more than Rs. 100,000 from poultry and pig farming,” he said. “With the income I am now able to sustain my family and provide education to my children.”

Jaishi said that he had also been advocating to spend the budget allocated in his ward in agriculture.

The investment in agricultural sector of the ward is not adequate, he said.

Dharmaraj Jaishi, Ward Chair of Budhiganga Municipality-10, said that locals, being inspired by the farming of ward member Jaishi, had become interested in agricultural farming.

Among 5,920 hectors of total land of Budhiganga, 2,245 hector land is fertile and suitable for farming. Only 2,210 hectors land of the area is being used for farming, informed Dipak Shah, head of Agriculture Development Office of the municipality.