Monday, 27 May, 2024

Well-known filmmaker Chetan Karki passes away


By Our Correspondent, Kathmandu, May. 16: Film director, lyricist, and novelist Chetan Karki died today at the age of 84 while receiving treatment at the Army Hospital in Kathmandu.

Karki was immediately admitted to the hospital after he showed symptoms of fever, after returning from Dehradun, India on April 29.

Karki started his writing career in the Nepali film industry by writing the script of 'Paribartan', the first film of Nir Shah. He then worked for the Fisheries Department of Pokhara for six years and then entered the Nepali film industry.

Many filmmakers have expressed grief over his demise. Nir Shah said that the film industry has lost a living history.

Shah, who has worked closely with Karki said that it was a learning opportunity for the lifetime.

Literary writer Prakash Sayami said that Karki started his literary career in 1952 by writing poetry in Hindi in Dehradun, India.

“As a writer, Karki has written a collection of songs, stories, and novels. Karki has published poetry collections in Hindi and Urdu along with Nepali,” said Sayami.

Chetan Karki has tested the immense success as a lyricist, but, not so merrily in direction.

The popular Teej song, 'Tejako Rahar Aayo Barilai', and 'Bahiniko Daya Chha Bhane', of Karki, has topped the charts as well as has touched the heart of million music lovers.

Karki started his career as a production officer in 1971 with the establishment of the Royal Film Institute.

He has also worked as a production officer in films like 'Manko Bandh', 'Kumari', 'Sindur' and 'Jibanrekha' produced by the Royal Film Institute.

Karki, who received the Gorkha Dakshina Bahu, Shubha Rajyabhishek Padak, Rajat Mahotsav Padak, and Chhinnalata Award, was active in songwriting lately.

Karki has also published a collection of songs titled, ‘Aatma Becheko Chhaina,’ 'Hatkelale Sadhai Surya Chekidaina’, ‘Ho Desh Mero Pani’, 'Basibiyanlo', ‘Maya Piratiko Chiso Katha.'

 In addition, his novel ‘Honeymoon’ and a short novel, ‘Dhaleko Gilas’, have also been published.

He has directed films 'Bishwas', 'Pahilo Prem', 'Man ko Ankha' and 'Bhoomari' along with writing scripts and songs for many films.

Karishma Manandhar, who acted in the Chetan-directed film 'Pahilo Prem', has paid homage by saying 'Timi Mero Hero'.