Tuesday, 23 April, 2024

The Beauty of Nepal’s Flora’ on display


By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, Apr. 10: Artist Neera Joshi Pradhan's solo art exhibition “The Beauty of Nepal’s Flora” that has begun at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal, since Tuesday, looks exceptional because all her works are related to botany.

Artist Pradhan is the only botanical illustrator in Nepal, who has contributed to research and conservation of Nepali floras through art for a long time.

Currently, she has put her artworks on botanic on the wall of Siddartha Art Gallery.

In her art exhibition, she has illustrated the floras such as Luculia gratissima, Rhododendron, Jacaranda, sunflowers and others. A graduate in Plant Science, artist Pradhan moved beyond her expertise in academic to scientific botanical art.

She seeks to unfold the spiritual aspect of her creativity that depicts the true essence of organic world of flora.

She began her art journey combining art and science with an exhibition ‘Flora from the Kathmandu Valley’ in 1999, which was acclaimed as the first botanical art exhibition.

She has portrayed her botanical art works through watercolour and graphite method. Daughter of renowned artist late Ramananda Joshi, Pradhan has studied art in America and Scotland.

Pradhan has the ability to explore various mysteries of flora through art. Her 32 paintings, which she has tinted for 10 years have kept in the exhibition.

Highlighting her artworks, she said, “I have put on display my arts on various plants found in Nepal and some plants from other countries, which are socially and historically important.”

Her interest in science led her to pursue art of botany. To draw such art, one must have technical as well as scientific knowledge, she added.
Making a living painting using intangible materials with scientific essence is challenging, she added.

The exhibition will continue until April 26.