Thursday, 18 July, 2024

Tharu dance compulsory in formal events of Dang


By Our Correspondent, Dang, Feb.26:  Tharu cultural dance has become one of the most attractive ways to entertain the guests in Dang district. Be it an annual programme celebration of schools or any district-level festival, performance of Tharu dance has now become compulsory.

Almost all the events usually start with Tharu song and dance. It has helped conserve the arts and cultures of the Tharu people, locals said.

With the increasing popularity of Tharu cultural dance in the local fairs, festivals and events, involvement of a new generation people of  the Tharu community in the cultural activities has been increasing surprisingly.

Janaki Ram Chaudhary of Lamahi Municipality -3 in Majgau, who is participating in  various programmes held in the district, said that he has been performing dance shows as per the demand. Chaudhary has been performing various dances such as peacock, sticks and jumra for years.

Young people in the village have been conducting various activities related to culture conservation by forming groups and clubs. “We are invited to show the dance performance from outside the district as well, so we take part in the programme from the club,” said Hari Ram Chaudhary, a member of Shiva Club of Bhaisakumarka Lamahi-3.

Susmita Chaudhary, 17, of Garhwa-Ramnagar is also involved in the conservation of culture. She said she did not know how to wear Tharu dress in the early days. But now she has been performing various dances decked in typical Tharu dresses.  She has since been identified as a duck dancer, he said.


According to Chandra Prasad Chaudhary, a Tharu leader, with the modernity, advancement of the young generation in the development of Tharu culture, which has been under shadow due to penetration of external culture, was laudable.

He said that the attraction of the new generation towards their culture would help preserve their cultures and arts.