Tuesday, 28 May, 2024

Replacement of Laxmi-Narayan statue after 38 years (Photo Feature)

Replacement of Laxmi-Narayan statue after 38 years, Photo - Sujan Gurung/TRN

Kathmandu, Dec. 4: The idol of Laxmi-Narayan stolen from Patko toll of Patan has been replaced in Narayan temple today. In 1984, the idol of Laxmi-Narayan was stolen from the temple.

The idol was originally worshipped at a temple in Patko, Lalitpur and had been on display at the Dallas Museum of Arts since 1990.

The statue was returned from the United States after 38 years and replaced at the former Narayan Temple on Saturday. The theft of the statue is mentioned in the 1989 work of researcher Lansing Wangdel, Stolen Imagine of Nepal.

The statue was stolen in 1984, according to Wangdel's work. The Laxmi-Narayan idol, which was stolen from the Narayan Temple at Patko Tol in Patan and brought to the United States, was returned home on April 12 last year after a long search, investigation and diplomatic efforts.

After the statue was exhibited at the Hallas Museum in the United States, the museum returned the statue as the concern about the stolen Nepali heritage increased.