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NCP Chairman Prachanda inaugurates Mithilabihari God palanquin

NCP Chairman Prachanda inaugurates Mithila circuit of Mithilabihari palanquin

By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Feb 23:Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' Sunday inaugurated the Mithila circumambulation of Mithilabihari god palanquin by lifting the palanquin. 

Mithila Bihari God palanquin journey is believed to be one of the longest religious trek connecting shrines of Nepal and India.

Meanwhile RSS adds from Janakpur that he also showered flowers from the helicopter in the premises of Mithilabihari Temple here today.

On the occasion, Chairman Prachanda announced that a dharmashala would be built at the place from where the circumambulation originates. "I extend full support from my side to set up the dharmashala here which is a severe need."

He observed that the Mithila circumambulation is a grand festival for both Nepal and India, which contributes a lot to religious and cultural exchanges. The Chairman reminded that he had got opportunity in his first tenure to provide assistance for creating the way to go around the shrines. He also made commitment that he would provide support for the establishment of Mithilabihari council.

The 15-day religious trekking conducted as part of the circumambulation is considered the longest religious trek in the world. The devotees and sages visit the religious shrines of Nepal and India wading 133km distance in two weeks.

Two main palanquins are carried from Kachuri matha of Mithilabihari, which then take rest at Hanumannagar of Dhanusha this night and leave for Kalyaneshwor of Bihar, India, tomorrow.

The religious trek beginning immediately after the Shivaratri accompanies with religious procession and hymns.

Mahantha at Janaki Temple of Janakpur, Tapeshwor Das, said the number of sages was however declined in the recent years.

Arrangement of basic needs including medicines is ensured by private and government offices for thousands of devotees and sages who join the procession in the circumambulation.