Saturday, 9 December, 2023

Humla locals using Tuins by putting their lives at risk

Image: Rajan Rawat (Humla Correspondent), taken on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

By Our Correspondent, Simikot, June 19: The locals of Humla district are compelled to use Tuin, cable contraptions, as a means to cross the mighty Karnali despite the government declaring Nepal as a Tuin-free country.

Jaya Bahadur Rawal, local of Kharpunath Rural Municipality-2, said that the locals were bound to use Tuins to cross the river in the lack of suspension bridge.

“With the beginning of monsoon season, the flow of water in the Karnali River has increased,” said Rawal. “The cable contraptions are very dangerous especially during the monsoon. We get goosebumps every time we use it to cross Karnali.”

Rawal complained that the locals didn’t have any alternatives rather than using the risky ropeway.

The locals need to cross the river clinging and moving on traditional wire river crossing to reach Kharpunath Gaunpalika center.

 “I tend to quiver every time I see the water flowing in the Karnali River while crossing the river via Tuin. Due to fear, I tie a piece of cloth around my eyes while crossing the river,” said Ripsi Jethara, another local.

The locals need to cross the Karnali using Tuin in around half a dozen places.

Jethara said that due to lack of budget, the suspension bridge wasn’t built over the river despite the government declaring the country Tuin-free.

Meanwhile, the Kharpunath Rural Municipality has requested the locals to not use Tuins to reach Yangchu Bazaar as the flow of water in the river has increased massively.