Saturday, 9 December, 2023

Guru Purnima observed

Man paying homage to yogi Narharinath, taken on July 5. (Sujan/TRN)

By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, July 5: Guru Purnima festival was observed throughout the county on Sunday by paying homage to teachers.

The festival, also known as “Teacher’s Day”, is observed on the full moon day of Ashadh month as per the lunar calendar. 

People show their respect and gratitude to their Gurus or teachers for teachings them on this day.

Guru Purnima  is celebrated in memory of Vedavyas, the author of the 18 Purans and 18 Upapurans in Sanskrit.

Etymologically, the word ‘guru’ is made of two roots ‘gu’ and ‘ru’. Gu means darkness and ru means light in Sanskrit. Thus guru is the person who removes the darkness with the light of knowledge.   

Especially, students observe Guru Purnima (Teachers’ Day) by oraganising different programmes at schools and colleges to show  respect to the teachers. But, this year school and colleges are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic so they used social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, and Whats App to pay homage to their Gurus or teachers.