Thursday, 23 May, 2024

200-year-old Falcha reconstructed in Pulchowk


Lalitpur, March 19: Lalitpur Metropolitan City mayor Chiribabu Maharjan unveiled the inscription carved in a stone of the Falcha, traditional resting place, at Pulchowk, Lalitpur today.     

The Falcha was rebuilt across over 1 aana area with financial assistance worth Rs 2.9 million from the metropolis. It was damaged in 2029 BS and was in a sorry condition until the locals took the initiative to rebuild this resting place. Also, the Falcha was at risk of encroachment or annexation from time to time.    

Mayor Maharjan on the occasion shared that the reconstruction process has seen 75 per cent progress. He shared the ordeal in the reconstruction process of this public property and narrated, "We faced various obstructions when we formed a reconstruction committee in 2057 BS to reconstruct this Falcha. Seven cases were lodged against us even after the Supreme Court ruled in favour of its reconstruction in 2065 BS."    

He further said that various top leaders of the Nepali Congress positively intervened when the reconstruction progress impeded. They managed to convince the top leadership of the Nepali Congress about the existence of Falcha through photos taken over various periods of time and importance to save the ancient heritage for the future generations.    

The reconstruction committee, according to Maharjan, faced the accusation that the Falcha encroached on the main road. Maharjan clarified, "The Falcha does not touch the sideline of the road. Let alone the encroachment of the road."    

Similarly, Lalitpur Metropolitan City ward no 3 chairperson Shree Gopal Maharjan gushed that the feeling they had as the reconstruction process gained momentum was akin to winning a war. "Justice prevailed and the truth eventually triumphed," he remarked.    
Likewise, reconstruction committee chairperson Surendra Kumar Shakya acknowledged the contributions and efforts of heritage conservationists in the reconstruction of the Falcha.