Friday, 14 June, 2024

Viral fever grips locals in Baitadi   


Baitadi, March 30 : The locals in Baitadi district have fallen ill from a viral fever for some days due to the change in the weather.  

The District Hospital and other majority of the health facilities have been receiving increasing number of viral fever patients lately. Apart from viral fever, the health facilities were also attending to patients suffering from diarrhoea patients according to District Hospital, Baitadi Chief Basantaraj Joshi.    

Patan Municipality Health Department Chief Madan Singh Mahara shared that the number of people affected by viral fever were spiking lately. He said, “It’s imperative to pay attention to hygiene and food habits since more and more people were infected with viral fever during the weather change.”    

Around 30 viral fever patients visit Shreekot Health Post on a daily basis, said in-charge of the health post, Birsingh Bhat. He said, “The weather has changed. Due to dust and smoke, more and more people were falling under the grip of fever these days.”    

Kesharpur Health Centre’s inspector Mukeshkant Daya shared that there were a staggering number of viral fever patients in the lower area of the district. Approximately 100 patients have been visiting the health centre daily for treatment.    

Health workers have suggested paying attention to sanitation and hygiene, and food during such times to ward off the infection.