Saturday, 22 June, 2024

Still some days more for weather to improve  


Kathmandu, March 27: Thick haze is seen in the Kathmandu Valley as the pollutants' particles have accumulated in the atmosphere due to the forest fires in most of the districts of the country in recent days.    

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, in a special bulletin today stated that the air in the atmosphere at most of the places of the country was in static condition and in such situation the polluting particles keep floating in the air as they are not dispersed resulting in an increased level of pollution in the atmosphere.    

The Department said the air visibility has also decreased. Meteorologist Sabina Shakya said there was less chance of improvement in the atmospheric condition for some days more.    

The negative effect of this pollution on human health is that it causes eye irritation and problem in respiration. In this context, the Department has urged people not to go out of their house except for very essential work and wear masks if one has to go out to take necessary precautions against air pollution.