Tuesday, 7 February, 2023

Shukraraj Tropical Hospital prepares for free emergency services from Dec 5


Kathmandu, Dec 3: The Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Teku has decided to provide free emergency services beginning from December 5. The free service is to be put in place following the direction of the Minister for Health and Population Birodh Khatiwada.     

It is said the government aims to ensure free basic medical care from all government health facilities in accordance with Article 35 ( Right relating to Health) of the Constitution which guarantees that every citizen shall have the right to free basic health services from the State, and no one shall be deprived of emergency health services and the campaign was launched from Teku.    

The Ministry will be facilitating the Hospital to deliver free emergency services. Under the provision, any emergency patient will not be charged for all prescribed tests and required care, and medicines including tickets in the latest 24 hours.    

Blood tests, X-rays, ECGs, tickets, and other medical tests and prescribed medicines within 24 hours are free, the Secretariat of Minister Khatiwada informed.    

It is said efforts are on to implement the provision in other government hospitals as well.