Tuesday, 6 December, 2022

Road accidents up by threefold in last five years during Dashain

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Kathmandu, Oct. 21:  Road accidents have increased nearly threefold in the last five years during the Dashain festival across the country.

A total of 920 road accidents have been recorded this year Dashain whereas 355 road accidents were recorded five years ago in the year 2073 B.S.

According to Basanta Bahadur Kunwar, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of Nepal Police, of the total 920 road accidents recorded on this Dashain, whereas, 355 road accidents have been recorded in the year 2073 B.S. This is almost nearly threefold.

He added that road accidents have been on an increasing trend.

Data obtained from Nepal Police showed that 856 accidents had been recorded on 2077 B.S, 700 on 2076 B.S., 700 on 2075 B.S., 568 on 2074 B.S., 380 on 2074 B.S. and 355 on 2075 B.S.

According to Transportation Expert Ashish Gajurel, the condition of roads and vehicles in Nepal is the prominent reason behind road accidents.

“Talking specifically about Dashain, frequency of travel increases, drivers drive frequently as well as there is an overload on vehicles because of which road mishaps are observed.” He said.

He added that roads during this year’s Dashain are slippery because of rain, which increases the probability of vehicle slip in Dashain. Also, oily food intake by vehicle drivers causes health disturbances, which might result in accidents.

Of the 920 accidents recorded on this year Dashain, 326 road accidents have been recorded at Nepal Police Headquarters, 165 in Itahari Police Office, 240 in Pathlaiya Police Office 93 in Muglin Police Office, 15 in Belchautara Police Office, 48 in Butwal, 15 in Kohalpur and 18 in Attariya Police Office.

A total of 1551 people have been injured and 165 deaths have been observed on the total of 920 road accidents recorded nationwide midst the Dashain festival this year.

Meanwhile, in the year 2077 B.S., of the 856 recorded road accidents 114 have lost their lives and the other 1236 have been injured.

Similarly, 1010 have been injured and 111 people have lost their lives in 700 recorded incidents in the year 2076 B.S. as well as 129 people have succumbed to death and 857 have been injured in the recorded 568 accidents.