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Prasuti Griha provides delivery services to 90 pregnant women infected with Corona in a week


By Mahima Devkota, Kathmandu, Jan. 25: Paropakar Maternity and Women's Hospital (PMWH) has provided delivery services to 90 pregnant women suffering from COVID-19 in a week despite about a fourth of its staff being on COVID leave.

Dr. Amir Babu Shrestha, Director of the PMWH, also known as Prasuti Griha, said that despite having 22 percent of the medical and non-medical staff staying on leave for suffering from COVID-19, the hospital provided birthing services to 90 pregnant women, with COVID-19, from January 16 to 23.

Dr. Shrestha, said, “54 pregnant women went through delivery amid the treatment of COVID-19, of which, 28 women gave natural birth and 26 had to go through Cesarean (C-section) delivery. “

Currently, 26 pregnant women with COVID-19 are receiving treatment and 10 pregnant women have returned home safely after the treatment.

Contraction of COVID among staff, increased workload

According to Director Shrestha, medical and non- medical staff are getting infected in the hospital with the surging novel coronavirus infection in the country.

A total of 37 doctors, 27 nurses, 18 administrative staff and 18 other non-medical staff have caught the SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.

“However, as per the directive of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), we have instructed staff having symptoms to stay in isolation for five days and return to work. Those who were infected last week have returned,” He said.

Physicians at the hospital are giving medical counseling to all medical and non-medical staff in the hospital.

With almost a fourth of the workforce on leave owing to infection, on duty staff have been bearing the extra burden of the regular workload. On top of that, there is a risk of getting infected, therefore, personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety gear has to be used at all times, which again disturbs the normal working efficiency.


People seeking service down by 40%

“PMWH provides free delivery services and even gives money in return, so it has attracted a large number of people from humble background. Usually, there is a large number of people seeking services in the hospital. However, the rise in the Corona infection has affected in the number of people seeking services.

He said, “Number of people seeking services in the hospital has decreased by 40 per cent compared to that of the record three week before.”

PMWH resumes COVID unit at Kupondole

Dr. Shrestha said that there is a sharp rise in the number of pregnant women suffering from COVID-19 and seeking service in PCWH, so, the hospital has resumed a COVID unit in a building at Kupondole since January 16 to meet the demand.

“We resumed the COVID-19 unit in the building in Kupondole in the wake of the rise in pregnant women getting infected with COVID-19,” said Shrestha, while adding that non-COVID pregnant women are getting treatment from Thapathali hospital.