Sunday, 3 March, 2024

Over 3.2 million take COVID-19 shots in Lumbini province 


Deukhuri, Jan 31: More than 3.2 million people have so far taken the first dose vaccine against COVID-19 in Lumbini province.    

The Health Directorate under the Province Ministry of Health, Population and Family Welfare said in a press interaction it organized today at Ghorahi that so far three million 273 thousand 329 persons in the province have been given the first dose vaccine.    

Of this population, two million 426 thousand 680 people have taken the second dose. There are three million 967 thousand 674 people above 12 years of age in the province. Out of this population, 1.81 per cent or 2,411 people have died of the Novel Coronavirus infection.    

There are 7,641 active cases in the province at present and of them, 131 are receiving treatment with oxygen support, 21 are in ICU, two are in ventilator support and the rest are in home isolation.    

It is said the province is in need of one million 104 thousand 352 doses of vaccines while one million 83 thousand 477 doses of vaccines are in stock, Ministry's secretary Dr Bikash Devkota said. Around 700 thousand people have been tested in the province since the COVID-19 was first time detected here. Of this population, 133 thousand 766 or 19.14 per cent of the total population of the province were found infected.