Wednesday, 6 December, 2023

International Childhood Cancer Day 2022


One-third of pediatric cancer patients get full treatment


By Srijana Khatri, Kathmandu, Feb. 15: It has been found that only one-third of the children with cancer in Nepal receive full treatment.

According to the Kanti Children's Hospital, out of the total number of new patients being treated for pediatric cancer in all the hospitals in Nepal, only one-third of them have received the full treatment.

About 20 to 30 per cent of the children who come to the hospital return without treatment or leave the treatment due to lack of funds, informed the Director of the hospital Dr Ajit Rayamajhi.

According to Rayamajhi, it is estimated that 1,500 patients with pediatric cancer will be added to Nepal every year. He said, "Even though there are no reliable statistics in Nepal, it is estimated that 1,500 children with cancer will be added annually."

Director Dr Rayamajhi added that the treatment facility is not available due to a lack of awareness among the parents that children can be cured through cancer treatment.

According to oncologists, in developed countries, 85 to 90 per cent of children with cancer are completely cured. Doctors say that about 70 per cent of the children who go to the hospital in Nepal for treatment are cured.