Thursday, 13 June, 2024

COVID treatment ward under operation   


Bagmati, April 25 : A 'COVID treatment ward has come into operation in Hetuada, the capital of Bagmati province with the objective of supporting the treatment of the COVID-19 patients. The ward has been established at the Hetauda hospital under the provincial government.    

The ward will be used to provide treatment to the people who are in home based isolation following confirmation of the Corona Virus infection, and fall seriously ill. The ward has started with 10-beds and will be upgraded to 30-beds soon.    

The patients with high fever and blood oxygen measuring below 94 will be admitted to the ward.    

Meanwhile, an isolation room has been re-established at Gauritar of Hetauda sub-metropolis-6. The isolation ward has been re-set up considering the increasing number of Corona Virus infections in Hetauda, according to the health unit of the Sub-metropolis.  

The isolation ward currently has 15 beds. It will be upgraded as per the need. People who are confirmed positive and do not have facility to stay at home isolation will be kept at the isolation ward.