Wednesday, 28 February, 2024

Common cold, fever cases up in Doti   


Doti, Feb 14: The number of patients with common cold and fever has gone up in Doti with rising cold following snowfall. As a result, the government and private health facilities here are experiencing an increasing flow of patients with apparent common cold symptoms.     

Shaileshwori Hospital Dipayal’s director Ijung Kunwar said they are receiving hundreds of patients with complaints of the common cold on a daily basis. The snowfall has led to the rise in cold and the children and the aged people have been affected the most.    

District Hospital’s information officer Amarsingh Bhat also narrated the same. As he shared, on average 30-40 people visit the hospital with common cold symptoms and fever.    

Meanwhile, doctors have advised people to also follow homemade remedies: intake of plenty of hot water mixed with bay leaves, turmeric powder and ginger.    

Medical professionals have urged the public not to panic and visit the nearby health facilities in case of any complications.