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3,883 adolescents and children test positive for coronavirus in last two weeks

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By Mahima Devkota, Kathmandu, Aug. 20: A total of 3,883 adolescents and children have been recorded to have coronavirus infection in the last two weeks from August 4-18.

This shows that adolescences and children 20 and below comprise 10 per cent of the total 37,810 coronavirus infections from August 4-19. 

Of them, 1,042 children are from the (0-10) age group and 2,841 are from the (11-20) age group.

As per the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) report, on the span of two weeks days since August 4-18, a total of 3,883 children below 20 years have been recorded with coronavirus infection.

On August 4, coronavirus infected children were 326, on August 5, a total of 353 children were infected with coronavirus, on August 6, it was 270, on August 7, it was 262, on August 8, it was 235, on August 9, it was 278, on August 10, the coronavirus infection cases on children was at 344.

Similarly, on August 11, the coronavirus infection on children has reached 275, on August 12, it was 249, on August 13, it was 291, on August 14, it was 219, on August 15, it was 182, on August 16, it was 253, August 17, it was 243 and on August 18, it had reached to 290.

Dr Bishownath Adhikari, Medical Doctor at Bir Hospital and a pediatric resident at the Kanti Children’s Hospital, said that even though the coronavirus infection on children is not rising alarmingly, but, the cases have surely been surging.

"Earlier, on the first and second wave, around 10 per cent of children were coronavirus infected of total infection. The ratio has not increased yet, but, prevention is always better than cure," he added.

“The only way to protect the children is by administering the COVID-19 shot, besides, adhering to the standard health safety measures,” said, Dr Adhikari. "Currently, there are a total of 150 to 200 in OPD of Kanti Hospital. 90 per cent of the children that are admitted to hospital test positive on the PRC testing."

Dr Jhalak Sharma Gautam, Chief of the National Immunisation Programme, stressed that children must be inoculated with COVID-19 shot to avoid the catastrophe, on the question if Nepal is planning to vaccinate children as children are grouped vulnerable on the third wave.

He further said that the government is striving to procure Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, which have been approved by the WHO. But, these vaccines need to be Stored at -20 degrees Celsius, which is not available in Nepal.

“We are further working to manage the cold stores that can store vaccines, that needs more cold temperature,” said Dr Sharma.