Thursday, 18 April, 2024

MoHP sets forth standards for home quarantine


By Ishwar Chandra Jha, Kathmandu, July 22: The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has made decision to give approval to those willing to stay in home quarantine after returning from abroad. The MoHP issued standards relating to home quarantine on July 17.

Spokesperson of MoHP, Dr. Jageshwor Gautam said, “Those returning from foreign countries can stay in home quarantine by abiding by the guidelines issued by the government.”

Currently, as many as 20,842 people are placed in the quarantines set up across the nation. Around 500 people are entering Nepal from abroad including India on a daily basis.

The meeting of Council of Ministers held on Tuesday decided to resume all the domestic and international flights shortly. A massive increase in arrival rates has been anticipated after the resumption of air services.

Thus, the government decided to introduce home quarantine, however, one willing to stay in home quarantine must request about it to the concerned authority and get approval.  

Meanwhile, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests would be performed for those staying in home quarantine at their request, said Dr. Gautam.

Home Quarantine Standards

The minimum physical infrastructure and rules to abide by the families of those residing in home quarantine should be as per the standard set by the government.

Moreover, some criteria are listed for the individuals in home quarantine such as staying in well ventilated room, using different toilet and bathroom, disinfecting toilet after each use.

Meanwhile, the MoHP has set out the protocols such as maintaining two meters distance while meeting family members and relatives, participating in social meeting only if there is urgency, using disinfectants frequently, cleaning hands properly and using masks even while at home.  

Furthermore, practising active and healthy lifestyle, managing essentials in a single buy, properly disposing the materials used while being at quarantine, duly informing the health status to medical consultant and to consult the respected local bodies as and wen needed, are some of  the standards set forth by the ministry while being home- quarantined.

The ministry hopes to ease the situation for foreign arrivals once the safety protocols for home quarantine is implemented.

Spokesperson Dr. Gautam has appealed all citizens to follow the protocols issued by the government to minimise the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Elderly, children and people with low immunity power would be at higher risk if the protocols are not abided by.

Whilst, it will be easier to resume schools if home-quarantine will start off, as many public schools are turned into quarantine facility and the cost of quarantine facilities would also be minimised if foreign returnees practice home quarantine.