Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Investigation report on B.K murder submitted to Home Ministry


By Purushottam Khatri, Kathmandu, June 15: Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) Monday received a detail report prepared by the investigation committee of Nepal Police formed to investigate into the killing of  Naba Raj B.K. and five others in Soti Village of west Rukum district.

The Ministry had formed the investigation committee headed by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Poshraj Pokhrel of Federal Police Unit, appointing him as senior investigation officer and advising it to come up with the report.

The report was submitted to the Ministry by SSP Pokhrel's team today, according to undersecretary and joint spokesperson Umakanta Adhikari at the Home Ministry.

In a gruesome murder case, six youths, including Naba Raj B.K, a boyfriend of a girl having Malla caste of Soti village of Chaurjahari Gaunpalika-8, were killed and their bodies were recovered from the Bheri River on different dates. B.K, was a permanent resident of Bheri Municipality-4 of Jajarkot district.

The investigation team of SSP Pokhrel reached the spot in Chaurjahari Guanpalika-8 of west Rukum on May 25, two days after the incident.

Issuing a press statement today, the Ministry of Home Affairs stated that the government based under the detail report and murder charge sheets filed against 34 assailants with life sentences to majority of them, was committed to taking stern action as per the legal procedure as the case was already filed at the District Court on Sunday (June 14).

As per the report, ward chairman of Chaurjahari Gaunapalika Dambar Bahadur Malla, B.K's girlfriend, her mother, father, brother and others were made defendants in the case.

On May 23, B.K and 18 other his friends had gone to take the girl where they fell into the trap prepared by Soti villagers.

The report stated that B.K and his friends were found beaten to death by stones, sticks, and sickles even though they escaped up to four kilometres away from his girlfriend's home.

In the police report submitted at the District Attorney Office five out of 34 were also filed murder charge sheets as absconders, and two others are filed under juvenile cases. Twenty-nine assailants to whom the charge sheets were filed are currently under police custody.