Saturday, 20 July, 2024

Scourge Of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, especially of women, and to some extent of young children, has become a gaping problem in the country. For all efforts to stop the human trafficking menace, it keeps coming, much to the dismay of the government authorities as well as the Nepali society. In the past, India used to be a prime destination for the trafficking of Nepali girls, women and minor boys. Most of them are either duped by middlemen in the name of providing them with jobs and better life in India. Needless to say, most of the girls and women often end up in Indian brothels while minor boys are forced to works as servants in houses, restaurants, hotels and factories. As the authority back home has become aware of this fact and started rescuing Nepalis from India, human traffickers have changed their tack- they have started taking their victims to nations other than India where they end up being exploited sexually and physically.

Once these middlemen or traffickers become successful in befooling victims, the arduous journey of the victims to reach their destination begins. It is quite depressing to see that countries like China and some from Africa and Americas, besides some Gulf countries, have been added to the traffickers list where the innocent Nepalese are taken illegally. To avoid the suspicion, the traffickers utilise various routes, entry and exit points of different nations to smuggle the innocent Nepalese, heightening further the suffering of the people being trafficked.

The middlemen and traffickers find it easy to prey on gullible Nepalis, just because the latter are desperate for good jobs and excellent life. As such, many innocents Nepalese do not suspect they are being trafficked and thus easily fall prey to the promises of the middlemen who want to make quick bucks by 'selling' them or taking them to the designated places. It is also true that human trafficking is taking place in the nation, although the government authority, police administration, and organisations working in the women's welfare sector have put efforts to stop the scourge. There are occasions when these organisations have successfully rescued the victims of trafficking and arrested the human traffickers of all hues and stripes.

As the menace of human trafficking keeps making headlines, it has become apparent that the measures taken to stop have not become sufficient so far. Strong measures to punish traffickers and repeat trafficking offenders, and an expansive awareness campaign regarding the risk of falling prey to human trafficking other problems accompanying it at the grassroots can become a deterrent. In the meantime, youths should also be provided with better employment and education opportunities at home. Lack of opportunities to lead a better life at home often encourages the Nepali youths to seek many ways to go abroad in search of better opportunities , which often lead them to play at the hands of cunning human traffickers who have only one objective: to take their victims to foreign destinations in return of few bucks.