Sunday, 3 March, 2024

Rescuing Nepali Students

With novel coronavirus emerging as a major global health emergency, various countries have already undertaken measures to tackle the challenges emanating from the deadly virus. As the virus has threatened to take more lives in China, where the virus first appeared and has now been spreading like forest fire, the Chinese government has carried out impressive efforts to contain the spread of disease. As the number of people suffering from the virus-related pneumonia has kept on rising in China and new detection of virus has been made out of China, efforts have been made by several countries to rescue their citizens from China.

Many nations started rescuing their people, mostly students who have been ' trapped' in the megacity of Wuhan and other cities where the infection from the disease is quite high. Our neighbors, India and Bangladesh, have already brought their students out of China. Nepal too is gearing up to rescue the Nepali students from Wuhan and other cities. The Nepali authority has sought coordination with the Chinese government in bringing back its citizens safely to Nepal. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked China to provide help while the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai has said that two airplanes have been kept ready for the rescue of the Nepali citizens, mostly the students. Minister Bhattarai said that two aircraft, one belonging to Himalayan Airlines and another to Nepal Airlines, would be pressed into rescue operation any time to bring all students who are currently residing in Wuhan.

The situation in Wuhan, according to the Minister, is not as bad as the international media has been reporting. However, the Nepali embassy in Beijing has been in constant touch with the Nepali students and the Chinese government. China needs to be applauded for extending help to the Nepali authority in ensuring the safety of the Nepali citizens and students in China and in Wuhan. Appreciating the Nepali efforts to contain the epidemic in Nepal, the Chinese government, through its embassy in Kathmandu, has made it clear that the Chinese government has set up a mechanism to response to novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and is ready to guarantee all kinds of medical support to the Nepali citizens and students currently living in China.

Though the Nepali students in Wuhan are said to be safe, they have been told not to leave their residences. The matter for them is grave considering the fact that restaurants, shops, vehicular movements and human activities have come to a grinding halt in Wuhan, deepening the troubles for these students. A pro-people government, as the present one, has a major responsibility of providing all kinds of assistance to its citizens, especially to those who are in distress. The Nepali citizens and students living in Wuhan and elsewhere in China are waiting for support and help from the government and the government's declaration that it is ready to rescue them by maintaining a close coordination with the Chinese authority only adds up to the credibility of the present government that is ready to extend all kinds to support to its people in distress.