Wednesday, 19 June, 2024

Embankments constructed at Chure


By Bijay Kumar Sah
Dhalkebar, Apr. 12: President Chure Tarai Madhes Conservation Development Committee Implementation Unit in Janakpur has expedited the construction of a dam (check dam) to retain the riverine materials in the Chure.
The Janakpur unit has intensified the construction of dams on the Kahare Khola in Dhanusha, Mahottari, Sarlahi, Rautahat and Sindhuli districts to prevent soil, sand and gravel from being lost from the Chure.

The office has set a target of constructing dams at 44 places in the Chure ar-ea in the current fiscal year. Of them, construction of dams has been completed in 20 places and construction in the remaining 24 places is in full swing, said Ram Balak Yadav, head of the Implementation Unit of the Committee, Janakpurdham.

He informed that small and big dams have been constructed in the Chure Kahare and Kholsi to stop the soil, sand and gravel from being washed away from the Chure area.
The unit office had constructed dams at 40 places in the last fiscal year. Similarly, construction work of the Kahare Khola dam in 45 places in the Chure region had been completed in the fiscal year 2019/2020.

The construction of the dam has helped to keep the Chure soil in the Chure and also to control excessive landslides in the area.
Yadav also said that it was necessary to build more dams in Kholsi and Kahare in the upper region of Chure.

The dams built in Kholsi have helped to stop the water flowing from the upper reaches of the Chure and keep riverine substances including soil and sand in the Chure.
Various species of trees including bamboo have been planted at the place where the dam was constructed.

Devpujan Yadav, an engineer of the Janakpur unit, said that the seedlings would stop the landslide and the damage would be reduced.
Small dams and embankments have been constructed with the investment of the government to control the landslides. The technicians are confident that the construction of small dams and embankments in the Chure forest far from the villages will retain gravel and reduce the damage. The unit office has been carrying out important works including the con-struction of dams, tree planting and the construction of lakes in the Chure area for water recharge.