Saturday, 2 March, 2024

Agenda Of Prosperity

Upon completing two years in office, the government led by Nepal Communist Party (NCP), has laid solid foundation to deliver enduring peace, prosperity and happiness to the people. Prime Minister and NCP chair KP Sharma Oli addressed the meeting of the House of Representatives on Saturday, highlighting the achievements of his administration during this period. PM Oli said the government built a basis in its first year and was now heading towards the year of achievement. He noted that the nation had made illustrative gains in the fields of infrastructure development, reconstruction, economic growth, good governance, social security, federalism, foreign trade, employment generation, hydropower, poverty reduction, and waste management, among others.

Nepal is now among the ten countries making rapid economic progress. Its economic growth rate continues at 6.5 per cent in three consecutive years. Poverty has gone down by 1.5 per cent and the population of poor has dropped to 16.5 per cent. The economic development of seven States has also caught the pace of the centre. Decline in poverty has been attributed to social security scheme that covers around 10 million people to date and enhanced labour market where no one has to be unemployed.  Now no person is compelled to live hungry as the government has ensured food for the people. This is not a mean feat for the nation that has been dubbed as one of the poorest in the world.

The country has successfully implemented fiscal federalism, an important work carried out by the government. It has been able to manage resources, employees, draft policies and required infrastructure in each tier. The shift from the unitary to the federal system marked significant structural changes of Nepali society. There was growing hesitation about the success of federal system with three-tier governments. Now federal ship is sailing smoothly and 761 governments are faring well to serve the people despite the multiple challenges they are facing. The federal parliament has approved 25 new and 55 existing laws, and made 201 amendments to make the new constitution accentual to all. Now various dissenting groups have embraced the constitution because of the government’s rational move to bring them into the mainstream of politics and development.

The government has made positive strides in the areas of gender equality, doing business and corruption control as mentioned by various international reports.  Nepal has secured 3rd position in improving on women, business and rule of law sectors, according to a UN report. In the last one year, the government has well marinated its balanced and independent foreign policy. Nepal has been active in bilateral and multilateral forums. This has made Nepal being heard and respected even by the big powers. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal in last October enabled Nepal to upgrade into the land-linked nation from the land-locked one apart from enhancing the country’s foreign profile and image. The Oli government has vowed to bring back the encroached territories such as Kalapani, Lipulek and Limpiyadhura through diplomatic efforts. It is committed to safeguarding the national sovereignty, and fundamental values of democracy and constitution.  Oli urged the stakeholders and media not to harbour suspicion about the works and intention of government towards its campaign of building a prosperous Nepal.